my favorite shinichi and ran episodes

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I’ve listed the episodes which I really liked that relates to the ” Shinichi & Ran ” love team, and put some snapshots on the episodes. (Although I took some of the pictures using only my cellphone camera, so they are quite blurred.)

Episode 6: Valentine’s Day Murder Case

I really like this episode! Conan was so jealous! He thought that Ran had forgotten about Shinichi that Valentines Day and is giving chocolate to another guy! Those struggle scenes between Conan and the big man that likes Ran are so funny – even getting to the point that the two kissed! Anyways, it turned out that Ran will actually give the chocolate to Shinichi, who didn’t show up, so they both ate the chocolate together. (Conan was so cute when he saw  Shinichi’s name written on the gift card!)


The picture on the right is taken from episode 6. Ran and Conan are eating the chocolate.

Episode 42: Karaoke Box Murder Case

2karaokeboxI think Ran didn’t get her Christmas wish in this episode, but maybe that red gloves as a gift from Shinichi can as much as her wish. This episode got me crying – I really want to help Ran as she waits in front of  Shinichi’s house. Good thing Conan has his  own tricks – which got me even more crying because of the talk they had! It was so sweet!

Episode 49: Diplomat Murder Case (part 2)


Although not really a ‘love is in the air’ episode, I liked this one since it is the first time Shinichi returned to his original body and the first time Heiji appeared. My favorite part in this episode is when Shinichi fall down the stairs! I really find it funny, but also quite sad, since Shinichi wasn’t able to tell his true feelings to Ran. (-_-)

Episode 162: The Sealed Chamber in the Sky; Shinichi’s first case

This is also a funny episode – especially on the part when Shinichi asked Ran if  her bra has a wire! Although Ran was only dreaming about this case on the airplane, Kogoro was really mad when he heard Ran sleep talking! This episode also explains some things on episodes 286-288.



Episodes 188-193: The Desperate Revival Series

This episode series is the one I truly loved. It got me crying and crying, especially on the part when Ran said that she will donate her blood for Conan, and when Ran was crying when Conan told her that Shinichi left again (the background really did something to it). Anyways, aside from sad parts, there are also some scenes that had me laughing and laughing:  Shinichi greets the Detective Boys, but they ignored him since they don’t know Shinichi; Shinichi calling Ran, “Ran-neechan”; Shinichi and Ran’s classmates eavesdropping to their conversation (upper picture on the right); Heiji pretending to be Shinichi but was caught easily by Kazuha; Haibara disguising as Conan ignored Heiji; Kogoro cheering for Ran in the play; Kazuha yelling at  Ran that she can take care of those guys in the play by using karate; Kogoro trying to stop the play because of the romantic scene; Ran telling Shinichi that what he wants to say is if he can borrow school notes (lower picture on the left) and; Shinichi trying to stop himself into checking out the murder case while trying to tell Ran his true feelings. These parts are really funny! Aside from the said scenes, there are also these really sweet scenes: Shinichi and Ran’s almost kiss in the play that was interrupted because of some murder (lower middle picture) and their date at Beika observatory Building restaurant (lower right picture).





I’ve watched these episodes a lot of times already, and it is still the best for me!

Episodes 286-288: Kudo Shinichi’s New York Case

Shnichi and Ran in New York, Yukiko is there, and a case that has a connection with Greek Mythology..what else can you ask? This is one of my favorite cases, and Shinichi & Ran episodes. Tht “kizu or kisu” part is both funny and sweet! Ran really thought that Shinichi is going to kiss her! Also, that car part (left and middle picture) is so sweet! But I think Yukiko is the real culprit, why they have to do that ♥. 




wow, it took me almost 3 days just to post this article..anyways, i am happy with the result!  ♥..


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  1. oh wow thanks 4 dis news. though in our nation it’s not shown, i try 2 follow on youtube. it really mourns me why ran is not getting 2 know da truth. it’s a very unique and beautiful detective show i evr set my eyes on. this info wl help me a lot!

  2. Like this review =]

  3. I really luv to watch detective conan specially love moment of ran n shinichi I hope they both xpress there feeling to each ….<3

  4. Reblogged this on beatrizp7blog and commented:
    I’m a ShiRan Fan

  5. thanks for posting these really helped me to find some of the episodes i want to look to …LOL….thanks it refreshed my mind regarding the episodes there are too much ..

    • yeah, there are a looot of episodes.. they’ve been airing the series for 15 yrs, if i got it right.. i just wish that i can watch the ending.

  6. wow, thanks for posting this stuffs.. i really love detective conan. Im really curious when will Ran discover the truth about conan,its not that i want the series to end already but do you have any idea when will the final episode be and how will it end?

    • I’m not that updated with Detective Conan nowadays, but really, we have no idea what Gosho Aoyama has in mind. Try fanfictions though, there are some pretty nicely written fanfics that hint and predict how the series will end :D
      And let’s just wait and see, just how Aoyama will end Detective Conan ^_^

      • thanks a lot.. ive been waiting for years now.. im a 4th grader when i first learned about case closed and im alredy 21 now but still lovin the series/movies.. lol..

  7. can i asked what episode or movies shows ran and shinichi as kids ?

    • These are the episodes/movies/specials of Detective Conan that I’ve watched with Ran and Shinichi as kids. I’m not sure if there are other because I haven’t watched the whole series (or rather, all the episodes that were released). But I hope this helps ^_^

      **Episode 162: The Flying Locked Room! Kudou Shinichi’s First Case (1 Hour Special)
      — Shinichi’s first case, you can see a little synopsis in this very post ^_^

      **Episodes 286-288: Kudo Shinichi’s New York Case
      — Continuation of episode 162, this is my favorite episode arc ^_^ ( )

      **Epsiodes 472-473: Kudo Shinichi’s Childhood Adventure
      — Ran and Shinichi were pre-schoolers. They’re really cute and it shows how smart Shinichi is even when he was still a child ^_^

      **Episode 490: Hattori Heiji vs. Kudo Shinichi! The Grand Deduction Battle! (1 Hour special)
      — Shinichi, Ran, Heiji, and Kazuha were still pretty young in this special episode ^_^

      **Magic File 2: Shinichi Kudo — The Case of the Mysterious Wall and the Black Labrador
      — Ran and Shinichi were in junior high. Really cute special episode because of a little fight that happened between young Ran and Shinichi ^_^
      — Has a connection with the 12th movie: Full Score of Fear

      **Magic File 3: Shinichi and Ran — The Memories from Mahjong pieces and Tanabata
      — A special episode with Ran and Shinichi during their elementary days

      **Movie 12: Full Score of Fear
      — Shows a brief fashback of Shinichi and Ran as junior highschoolers. Has a connection with Magic File 2

      • tnx really helped mo a lot .. :)

      • have you watch ep 616-617.Sinichi confess his love to Ran.this is my favourite episode

        • Yes, I have watched the episode and read the manga ^_^. It was the London case right? Awwww that scene is so sweet :DDD (but nothing compared to my beloved otome games and shoujo manga. LOL.)

  8. thank you so much!!! mwah! mwah! spread the “RANICHI” fever! :))

  9. wow thank you for posting this info…
    especially about shinran episodes!!!
    i hope in the end shinichi will be in his old body again…..

    • And thank you for the comment ^_^
      But this post sure is outdated since it features only ShinRan episodes until the New York Arc (episode 288) sigh… I hope I can do another post featuring my favorite ShinRan episodes part 2 but I haven’t watched any new Detective Conan episodes lately.
      I’d also like an ending with Shinichi returning to his original body :) Let’s look forward to an ending like that ^_^

      • okay!!!
        by the way keep up the good work….

  10. Nah~! Hate if Shiho is with Shinichi.DX Im totally angry for tht! Its better Ran With Shinichi.They know each other because they were childhood friends!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    P.S-For **** shinichi and haibara fans..SORRY FOR MY BAD WORDS! <3 shinichi and ran FANS! :)

    • Go ShinRan fans!! ^_^
      I won’t like it too if Shinichi ends up with Shiho. I’ll totally dump Detective Conan if that happens :)

  11. HAHA! I’ve just started watching this series. Imma SO happy to see other shinichixran fans out there:) Go SHINXRAN!!!!! XD

  12. watch mo yung OVA na stranger in 10 years.. kaka iyak.

    • pero episodes lang pala tong article mo, di kasama mga OVA, pero shinran din kasi yung OVA 9: stanger in ten years

    • haven’t watched it yet..but I’m looking forward to watching it

      • i agree with Glenn. that’s a very touching OVA. i personally recommend it as well! :D if you want other shinran moments, you can watch the following episodes.

        ep266-268 (The Truth Behind Valentine’s)
        ep523-524 (The Blue Spark of Hate) – This is one of my favorites and I highly recommend it! It’s that episode when Ran wouldn’t let go of Shinichi’s hand and it’s so sweet.

  13. nice post .. its a great that you post those info’s ..
    nut the pictures are not that much nice .. but its okay .. ^^
    thanks .. xD

    • yea I know….the photos are not in high resolution….but I used them anyway….thanks for dropping by^^

  14. I’ve been getting a lot of spam and nonsense comments in this post lately….

  15. Hi I love this. Thank you for posting shinran episodes. I hope you update more. Really thankkk youu ^_^ You can email me with episodes where shinichi appeared :D i hope you’re still watching it up to now. im not updated you see :( Thank you ^_^

  16. Hi I love this. Thank you for posting shinran episodes. I hope you update more. Really thankkk youu ^_^ You can email me with episodes where shinichi appeared :D i hope you’re still watching it up to now. im not updated you see :( Thank you ^_^

  17. sobrang naapreciate koh tong article na toh . ….

    thank you for your info…

  18. I leally, leally, appreciate this article ahead! So kilig! <3

    Hopefully, maka'pag-post pa ng maraming article about their "love-funny-sweet episodes!" hKhK..

    leally, leally, fan din aq ng detective conan coz' of Ran-Shinichi moments ever! la'la'lab it! mwa :')

  19. i l0ve y0u all detective conan fans……..!!! when watching detective conan— all my em0ti0ns were there…. happinnes, laughter, anger, and excitement… thrill, even sadness that i usually felt when ran and shinichi seems t0 be played by the unfair fate… l0ng distance relati0nship was s0 hard but in their situati0n— its harder!!!they want each 0ther badly but they cant even express it n0 matter h0w actually cl0se they are… m0re p0wer t0 all fans especially pilipin0 and japanese!!!

    • yay! another shinichixran fan!

  20. @ Episodes 286-288: Kudo Shinichi’s New York Case
    i didn’t saw the left picture at the episode and in the car scene. what part was that? thanks!

  21. wooh.. that’s my favorite episodes too… i love it..:)

    • eah…esp. Kudo Shinichi’s NY Case!!

  22. Wow. you really watched detective conan. I also like ep 525 – Shinichi’s True Colours and Ran’s Tears (1 Hour Special). it’s really great. How I wished Shinichi would tell Ran his true feelings.

    • i also love that episode! ~but i posted this before the airing of that episode so I didn’t have time to include it here

  23. @ Ranshinkawaii

    You can watch @ since the site is back up. In terms of DetectiveConan.US I believe they are selling it. I am the owner of DetectiveConan.WS

    • thanks for the tip!!.i’ll surely watch at our site!!

  24. waaah! omg. i miss DC. :) i dunno the last episode i watched, but i hope i will be able to watch them all. xD too many though. whaha xD

    • I also don’t know where to watch it now..
      looks like is no longer available :(

    • well is nice but can u tell me to find the picture of cartoon

      • i’ll make a post of it….maybe this week….i’ll put all the pics!! heeeheee

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